What a week!

It has been quite a week!

Rebranding launch felt great! I am doing what I have always wanted back here at the farm. I have great friends that have helped me every step of the way both physically and mentally. It’s been a huge transition.

I left my comfy studio in the “Resident Creative Studios” at The Tett Centre. We sold the farmhouse that was filled to the brim as a studio and comercial kitchen. Had to figure out what to do with all the stuff.

Then came the makeover of the greenhouse…. which was as Lisa put it “Two menopausal women with power tools… anything can happen!” Lisa Morrissey, of Dragonfly Creative Studio, was instrumental in this reclaim of this space. Now a space for both of us, and several others!  I am so happy with the transition! If you haven’t been here to see it, you really should! We have planned Holiday Friday Evening Markets starting November 19th - Christmas. Everything you’ll need to “Deck your halls and check off your list”,  all in one spot!

To top it off, I was accepted into a business called “The Nooks” to set up a display of my work to sell here in downtown Kingston. Incredible opportunity! If you haven't heard about this company, look them up, They are expanding across Canada!  I will have more have exciting news to share really soon regarding this collaboration!

I have to put a shout out to Abigail Hellier, Larch Strategy & Consulting. Abby is the brain child behind all my rebranding. She has been instrumental in keeping my head above water and doing all that’s been needed to make Glocca Morra Studio noticed. Abby has done all the work behind my website, my new look, anything that has to do with marketing for all events. She’s a force to be reckon with! Everyone needs an Abby in the corner. Thanks Ab’s! 

You can find me in the studio most any day, Always something happening and so much to see.It is very much a spectacular destination for everyone! 

Stay tuned for more amazing things in the very near future!