Pop-up Artists

The ever evolving world around us has made me reevaluate what I do and how to do it!  But I will say art has taken me through this Covid rollercoaster in so many ways…. Vague I know…. hear me out!

Over the past year, I have moved from my farmhouse studio to a new space set up to work year round in my former greenhouse - now art studio! Which lead me to ending my residency at The Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning and making my new studio my forever place to be. Sometimes you just need a change to rejuvenate both body and soul, Let’s face it over the past few years we have so much turbulence in everyone’s lives due to the pandemic, that it will take a little time to decide what the future will hold.

If you haven’t experienced this new space your in for a treat. It is bright, colourful, uplifting and inspiring, with fresh air blowing through, and something to see in everywhere you turn. 

I have the pleasure to work with Lisa Morrissey from Dragonfly Creative Studio everyday, as she is a full time working artist in this space. Lisa was instrumental in helping transform this space into what it is today. I can’t say thank you enough for all her support both mentally and physically through this huge transition. We are a force to be reckoned with when we get an idea in our heads… and we are coming up with great ideas for future as well.

Linda Wolfram Fraser, a local potter and silversmith, and has become a resident artist with her creative flare adding to the magic! Linda has been truly supportive through my transformation and with her guidance I have begun some new projects that I hope to release in the fall/winter. 

RhiCreations, Rhi Jensen, became a resident artist  here from the beginning we have some of her beautiful clean candles on site all the time, even when she can not. 

Like so many local artists, I too have struggled to come through this past 18+ months, both financially and mentally. Family, special friends, and a very special special group of amazing artists from The Tett Centre made it much easier. My Tett family was like a support group that allowed creativity to flourish as we were able to lean on each other get through this tough time. Moving back to the farm doesn’t make them any less a part of my life, we will have a special bond forever because of our experience. 

Which leads me to Pop-up shows here at the farm! Now that I am here at the farm again, with wide open spaces, I want to help showcase talented artists, and give everyone a chance to shake off the ‘covid cobwebs’ so to speak and be able to spend a day showing off their talents. 

On the third Saturday of each month, I have invited other artists to pop a tent, and join us for a day! This is proving to be a very successful way for the community to show their support. The next event is scheduled for August 21, 10-6, here at the farm. The musical talents of Hooz Hear will be joining us throughout the day! It’s sure to be fun for all. 

So with this I invite you all to come out and see what we are doing anytime at all, and on Pop-up Saturday’s to come explore and support local artists! We need you!

See you soon!

R xo