Mother’s Unite!

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching I can’t help but look around at my life and think about all the blessings I have because I am a Mom. Yes I am a mom of two beautiful young women, just finishing college or close to it. Headed off for new adventures. Anna leaves for Ireland to continue her Education and Sarah will follow in another year. And this is how it should be.

Yesterday, while doing some chores with Sarah, we talked about cooking. she said she doesn’t remember that I did a lot of cooking in her childhood.I thought.. I did a lot. Turns out my life was so busy running my businesses, and taking them from school to dance classes for so many years, they only remember eating on the run. Something I made or my mother made for easy eating while travelling in the car. 

This struck me as a world that I probably criticize or frown soon yet, I was that mom. The girls both remember family dinners on Friday night. Sunday dinners at my parents, and summer spending a lot of time with my parents for meals and we worked here at our greenhouse and roadside stand, or in my studio teaching classes. My children were well cared for, but it wasn’t “The Cleaver’s!” ( Old tv show reference from my childhood - centuries ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth!)

It wasn’t bad. Just not ideal. “It is what it is.”

So this has made me think of all the meals family’s, including ours, have had together since the world shut down. We have had to slow down a little. Everyone is together... a lot! But there is a comfort in that. (yes it can be very hectic and sometimes downright difficult working and schooling from home - definitely noted!)

The girls take turns cooking as well. We occasionally order out as a treat. But with a filled food pantry, we seem to find time every night to sit at the table and chat, or watch a show and at least come together to eat one meal together a day.

I titled this piece as Mother’s Unite, because I believe this pandemic has been a reset button for many of us. It has forced us to live and work together, and stay sane! Some of us still have to leave our home to go to work. But nonetheless, we are not on the go like we were, and there is some comfort in that. 

It’s not that I don’t want to have extracurricular activities again... because teaching art classes had been my main income for many years now and I want that back. My time has drastically changed from teaching to creating. This has been personal growth time for me. while still reinventing the wheel, an online shop selling my Maker’s Kits, Merchandise, Original Art... 

Let’s face it though, it has been rather nice. Dining together, gardening together, simple household chores together, doing things that you’ve wanted to so around home but just couldn’t slow down to do it... But now we can - we’ve had too.

So this Sunday, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, it will be year two that many of us have not been able to see our parents in person. But we do have technology to aide in this area. Not so many years ago we would not have been able to travel long distances that we have become accustomed to in this day and age. We would have been sitting at a telephone desk, doodling as we spoke through a land line connected by a cord. You would have been repeating conversations to others in the room, no speaker phone, or you’d be asking everyone to be quiet because this was long distance, and we couldn’t afford to stay on that phone to long - it cost too much! 

On Sunday, embrace all the good that we have. Enjoy your facetime, skype, messenger video chat, or family zoom call. Take the time to enjoy the reset button that we have been given. Enjoy doing a craft, or puzzle with your family.... Most importantly, Mother’s Unite in the celebration of all that this world has taught us, and know we will built a stronger tomorrow because of this.

Happy Mother’s Day!